About me

Jo is a North London artist based in Crouch End. She is self-taught, and has been painting prolifically for about 15 years.

Her favourite medium to work with is acrylic paint on canvas, and she creates stunning and haunting portraits, which capture the essence of her subject.

Jo works from photographs, and never has a set outcome in mind, but allows her brush and the colours she uses to guide her, following the journey that her subject’s character takes her on. Through this organic technique, she can be taken through some surprising twists and turns as her faces emerge on the canvas.

She layers both contrasting and nuanced shades of colour, often in bold shades, next to each other with great precision and care. By doing so, she captures the play of light and movement that infuse her work in such a way as to bring the faces she paints to life, and also reflect her unique perspective of the world and people around her.

Her portraits of well-known faces in particular make you stop and think twice about the character and soul behind the eyes of a person you might think you know, giving you a mesmerising secret glimpse into their inner world.

Jo has received consistently positive, often effusive, feedback from people who have commissioned paintings from her, see below and the other pages for some examples: